Tuesday, 16 July 2024 | 22:26


The export unit is working with the aim of establishing bilateral relations with foreign countries and identifying and exporting goods and services. Sustainable and smart economic development is possible only by communicating with consumers and target markets. Providing high-grade products manufactured in accordance with international standards and exporting them to global markets is one of the ultimate goals of the export unit.

The export unit of Hobab Kaf Toos Co., Ltd. has succeeded in expanding its presence in global markets with the use of experienced and expert forces and with the support of unique quality diversity, as well as with the use of targeted policies and strategies. The authenticity of this claim is confirmed by the acquisition of the Khorasan Razavi unique exporter in 2021 (for the tenth time).

Respect for the customer and customer orientation, speed of action in sending shipments, adherence to commitments, continuous presence in the target markets, wide variety of export products and maintaining quality as strategic pillars of sales thinking are considered to be the most important success factors of the export unit. These strategic pillars have helped the company's export sales engineering in expanding the presence of Hobab Kaf Toos products in global markets.

The strategic vision of the export unit of Hobab Kaf Toos company is the permanent, authoritative, consistent and high-quality presence of products in the world markets, which is being implemented and followed up according to the actual and potential ability of the company.