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Getting representation


The minimum requirements to complete the application form are as follows:

  • Total area of the property: at least one hundred square meters (excluding certain areas in big cities)
  • Ownership document: exclusive writ in the name of applicant or notarized 5-year lease in the name of the applicant
  • The status of military service (gentlemen): having a military service completion card or permanent exemption license
  • Educational qualification: having a diploma or higher (higher qualifications are prioritized.)
  • Background: Having experience and expertise in one of the fields of selling detergents and cosmetic products.
  • Investment might: Having the affordability to implement the desired standards of the company.
  • Eligible age: maximum age of 55 years (natural person)
  • Pledge: the ability to provide a pledge (bank,proprietary) to the extent determined by the company.

*Please apply for registration if you meet the above conditions. *

Note 1: If the above conditions are not met, your request cannot be reviewed and no response will be sent.

Note 2: Submitting the information and conditions of the applicant for obtaining representation will not include any obligation to grant the privilege of representation to the company.

Getting representation

Agency Request Form

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