Tuesday, 16 July 2024 | 23:17

The history of “Hobab Kaf Toos”

“Hobab Kaf Toos” company started its activity in 1997 with the aim of producing and exporting cosmetic and sanitary soaps under the Shokooh brand. Efforts to achieve the goals, the company’s vision and creating new capacities for the development of exports and domestic distribution have always been among the strategies of Hobab Kaf Tus Company, and in this regard, the company has tried to recognize the opportunities and threats faced in each sector of production, distribution and export to set goals and develop strategies.

And this has been accompanied by an increase in annual production, employment in the production sector, economic prosperity and an increase in exports and domestic distribution.

All Shokooh soaps are produced in accordance with international quality specifications and have gained a valuable position in Iran and abroad and also have been able to create many partnerships with famous brands.

This company has always emphasized on customer satisfaction and tried to achieve this by improving the sense of participation, employee satisfaction and taking effective action based on customer feedback.

Today, in the company of Hobab Kaf Tus, along with industrial and management developments, they produce luxurious Iranian products under the brands of Shokuh, Poonak, Mikhak, Fattaneh, Cactus, Moragheb, HKT, etc. and in addition to supplying them to the domestic market, they export them to the countries of Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan and Armenia. Also, the markets of Africa, Oman and the great market of the Russian Federation are among the future goals of exporting products of this company, and we will certainly see the realization of these goals with the will of personnel of this company, soon.