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The representatives of Spota and Hirkan Pakhsh visited the Hobab Kaf Toos booth on the first day of the Iran Beauty and Clean exhibition

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On the first day of the Iran Beauty and Clean International Exhibition, Mr. Rezaei, the representative of Spota Company, and Mr. Kiannejad, the representative of Hirkan Pakhsh Company, visited the Hobab Kaf Toos booth and got to know the products and services provided. By attending this exhibition, these companies introduced and presented their products in the field of medicine, pharmaceutical supplements, health and cosmetic products. This visit was an opportunity to make business connections and learn more about the products offered by these companies.


The National Drug Distribution Company - Shafa Pakhsh Hirkan (under the brand name Pakhsh Hirkan) as the first drug distribution company with headquarters in the north of Iran (Golestan, Mazandaran and Gilan) practically from August 2017 until now, relying on the technical knowledge and potential of committed and expert employees started his activity in the field of nationwide distribution of medicine, pharmaceutical and health-cosmetic supplements in the form of a private joint-stock company and as one of the first private distribution companies.

Spota Shimi Company has been operating as a manufacturing and trading company for more than 2 decades. This group officially started its activity in 2008 and has been able to play its role well in the field of providing the best commercial services to foreign traders, Iranian traders, merchants and manufacturers, etc., at the national and international level. And they have always been able to attract customer satisfaction by providing the best services.




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