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The clothes that we have to wash by hand and the use of laundry soap with the scent of lemon

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Washing clothes by hand is usually necessary for clothes that are made of certain materials or textures, or have certain designs and colors, and cannot easily be washed in a washing machine. Besides, by washing these clothes by hand, you can maintain their quality and longevity and enjoy their durability and beauty for a longer time.

In this article, we will consider choosing the right laundry soap for clothes that we have to wash by hand.





Choosing laundry soap for specific clothes

In choosing laundry soap for clothes that we have to wash by hand, attention should be paid to the characteristics and needs of each type of clothes:


  • Sensitive clothes

For delicate clothes that need to be washed by hand, it is better to use liquid laundry soaps with mild formulations suitable for these types of fabrics. These soaps must be able to remove stains and not harm sensitive skin.


  • Children's clothes

When washing children's clothes, look for soaps without harsh and mild chemicals that are suitable for children's sensitive skin. These soaps should completely remove dirt and bacteria and give the clothes a fresh and pleasant smell.


  • Special clothes

For clothes made of certain fabrics such as wool, linen or silk, look for soaps with suitable formulations to maintain the quality and longevity of these fabrics. These soaps should remove impurities and make the clothes fresh and soft.


Types of laundry soap

Laundry soap is available in both liquid and solid forms. Each of these types of soap has specific features and benefits that should be considered in choosing them.

Liquid laundry soap

This type of soap usually has special formulations that can help get better results in removing stains and dirt. These soaps are usually suitable for delicate clothes or clothes that are normally hand washed.


  • Solid laundry soap

Solid laundry soap is usually more sticky and compact, and easily sticks and absorbs into fabrics. This allows the clothes to be washed better and cleaned with the least amount of soap. Because of its stickier formulation, solid laundry soap is more durable and can remain effective for longer.

Due to its solid form, solid laundry soap is easily placed in clean and dry containers and is very easy to store. In addition, the soap is much less likely to break or fall due to the high compression

n general, solid laundry soap is cheaper than liquid and capsule laundry soaps. Due to the longer life and higher productivity, less consumption of solid laundry soap is needed to effectively clean clothes, which is directly connected to cost savings.



Using a suitable laundry soap for hand washing clothes can help maintain their quality and longevity. According to the characteristics of each type of clothing, look for soaps with suitable formulations.

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