Tuesday, 16 July 2024 | 22:38



In line with the realization of vision and implementation of the assigned mission, Hobab Kaf Toos company, while establishing, implementing and maintaining the quality management system in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001/2015 at all levels and having a commitment to the continuous improvement and effectiveness of this system, expects from all the experienced and expert forces that are considered as the main assets of this company, that by observing the organizational values, empathy and relying on the teamwork spirit, they will not give up their best efforts and creativity to achieve the goals of the organization, and for this purpose, they have formulated this policy in compliance with national and international standards. and has notified the necessity of paying attention to the following principles to all employees:

  • Attention to education and research in order to improve and master the technologies needed in order to create competitive advantages
  • Continuous improvement of the work environment and full commitment to the implementation of organizational decorum
  • Observing the principles and etiquettes and rituals in interaction with colleagues and customers
  • Efforts to constantly improve the level of customer satisfaction
  • Developing existing employment through increasing quality production
  • Developing the market and increasing sales and exports through export-oriented production
  • Development of organizational, managerial and executive capabilities and abilities in the field of implementing new projects and sustainable development of activities (with accurate cost management)

I and all my colleagues are committed to complying with the legal, international and other requirements related to quality and have taken steps through the continuous improvement of all the processes of the organization in order to achieve the aforementioned goals and achieve the satisfaction of the beneficiaries and promote the brands of the organization and in this regard, let each of us perform our duties accurately and on time.

Javad Neyshabouri Hosseinpour - CEO of Hobab Kaf Toos Company